“There’s a problem with my book. What do I do?”

Don’t wonder what’s wrong with your book. Find out. Get the expert insight you need to make your novel stronger … more compelling … and more likely to sell.

I’ve read hundreds of first-time novels, and through that experience I’ve developed a unique process to bring out the best in your book manuscript. Hi, I’m Laurence MacNaughton, and you can work directly with me to fix your novel. Contact me now.

You can’t get feedback this intense elsewhere.

Laurence MacNaughton, author and editor

Laurence MacNaughton, author and editor

Get an analysis of your book through several “lenses” — from a high-level, big-picture overview … all the way down to an intense word-by-word scrutiny.

You’ll find out exactly how each scene in your novel stands on its own merit, as well as how it fits into the overall story. You’ll get feedback on every element of your book, including:

• Character development
• Plot structure
• Dialogue
• Setting
• Theme
• Subplots
• Genre expectations
• and much more

With these in-depth notes and advice throughout your manuscript, you’ll feel as if I’m right there working alongside you on the page.

Even better, you’ll also get a multi-page report that breaks down the analysis of your book into easily-managed sections, with concrete action steps you can take to improve your story.

In fact, this custom report makes it easy to start polishing your book in minutes.

What writers are saying:

“Laurence gave advice on my entire manuscript. His feedback was clear, relevant and immensely helpful. He’s a terrific writing coach!”
—Chris D.

“Some awesome ideas and advice here. Thanks so much for this!”
—Tom T.

“Thank you for your insight… your feedback was right in line with what I was looking for!”
—Phyllis N.

“Well thought out and comprehensive feedback. Anyone who is interested in polishing their work until it sparkles would benefit from Laurence’s coaching!”
—Michelle H.

Find out how to fix your novel fast.

To bring out the best in your book, you need to work with someone who will look deeply into your story’s structure … who will work intensely with you on your book … who will “get” your book the way I do.

Ordinarily, you might expect to pay $1,500 or more (sometimes much more) for one-on-one editing like this. But for a limited time, you can fix the most crucial part of your book — the first 10,000 words  for just $299.

That’s 20% off the full-price rate for this kind of intense story critique. I know from experience that when I make a special offer like this, my schedule fills up quickly. So I can’t guarantee that I can hold down this price for long.

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